Wedding Décor- Mason Jar Edition

mason jars with the petal

mason jars with the petalWedding Décor- Mason Jar Edition

What’s the very first thing you think of when someone says “mason jars”? Jelly, jam or some form of food product? Perhaps you were hunting around and found a way to use them to store food?

Would you ever think they may help out with your wedding day? No?

Well, that’s what we are here for. To introduce you to the many wonderful uses of mason jars and how they may play a major role on your wedding day. They are inexpensive and serve many wonderful purposes.

Here are just some of the many wonderful ways they could add to the excitement of your big day.


Wedding Treats

Wrap a mason jar with fabric (perhaps the color to match your wedding or your bridesmaids’ dresses, hot glue it on the mason jar, fill full of popcorn and leave one at each seat with a stick (a skewer with a flag that has the guests name).  Provide a “drizzle” bar for them take their snacks and treat their popcorn (caramel, salt, cheeses, shaved chocolate, etc.). It makes a great take home gift for those who attend.

wedding decorWedding Décor

Fill mason jars with the petals from different flowers, those that accentuate the theme of your wedding. Decorate the lid with a picture of the bride and groom, cut circularly to fit the top. Then somewhere on the outside of the lid, poke a hole and stick one flower (representative of the petals in the jar) through the top of the hole.

Wedding Cocktails

Have each of the guests when replying to your R.S.V.P., indicate their favorite mixed drink of choice (juice or tea for the non-drinkers). Place their names on the side of the jar and fill with their favorite beverage. Leave enough space so when they enter, they can fill their drinks with ice. Make sure they have a paper straw to drink from.
They are simple, inexpensive ways to entertain your guests without being too traditional, yet still expressing the fun and original ideas you have to make it a great day indeed. This way, you can add a beautiful, homemade touch to your wedding and save the bucks for some other details that you are dreaming of!