A Twist on Unique Centerpieces


One of the many, many decisions when planning a wedding concerns the centerpiece. Many people choose to stay with traditional arrangements, placing a nice vase in the center of the table with a beautiful, blooming floral arrangement.

Why should you be like everyone else, right? I mean after all, this is YOUR big day, your one day for the rest of your life.  Let’s make it memorable.

There are several ways to think outside the box and create a memorable centerpiece.  With proper timing and planning, it can come out EXACTLY as you envision it.

Unique Centerpieces

  • Try lovely orchids in a beautiful glass vase with colored glass stones at the bottom to compliment the orchids or perhaps the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses?
  • Try using schooner. Yes, it is a beer glass, but because of the tall, skinny structure, you can put an elegant blooming, floral arrangement in it.  The catch?  Because of the nature of the glass, it will keep the blooms standing upright without compromising the table.
  • How about three bamboo stalks, wrapped with twine with breathtaking lilies beaming out of the top?
  • Consider placing baby’s breath and wheat in a vase, then decorating the non-blooms with full, thick cotton to add a soft texture to the appearance. It’s a winner every time.
  • How’s this for a treat… set up a display like a round cutting board, take a small empty lantern and place a single stemmed orchid in the center.  Decorate the board with shells to give it a beach feeling.
  • How about you forget the flowers altogether, at least the real ones.  Place a nice, clear glass bowl in the center, fill with water, and by scented, floating flower candles to set the ambience and romance of your wedding?  Then leave a small box of 3 at each guest’s seating as a take home gift to remind them of the wedding.

There are many ways to create centerpieces. If you want to remain traditional, hey, it’s your day. If you want to tweak traditional, there are ways to go around them. And if you want to be completely non-traditional… well, sometimes, those are the most memorable. However (or whatever) you decide, make sure it suits your liking and have a blast with it!