Occasion Flowers on a Budget

occasion flowers on a budget

Not everyone can have the lavish, extravagant occasions that celebrities and stars have.  But you can make sure that you get the most out of every dollar.  One of the most significant stands on your wedding day or special occasion are the flowers.  The occasion flowers tell a story, express the interest of bride, and symbolizes the enchantment of your big day.  So if you are on a budget, here’s how you go about getting the best floral designs and arrangements for your dollar.

  • Seasonal or locally grown.  These flowers are plentiful, especially if they are in season.  If they are locally grown, you can probably put a good advertising spin on it for the grower, while grabbing a great deal on your flowers.
  • Holidays can hamper.  Typically around Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, flowers are in full force and increase in cost.  So planning your day away from these holidays is best.  If you do decide to hold it around these times, the church is usually decorated with many flowers so it’s possible to use their arrangements to help with the costs.
  • Go Green.  Adding greenery to your flowers brings out a natural interest and a good look and feel and spices up the scenery.
  • Go Large.  Choosing large blooms like calla lilies or orchids are beneficial to your wedding because they are large in size and require less to brighten up the room.
  • Ribbons anyone?  That’s right!  Add ribbons to the arrangements.  It adds to them without taking away from what’s in your pocket.
  • Trees add character.  Rent trees from a local tree shop or farm and don them with white lights.  It adds charm to any big day.
  • Votive, the wedding favor.  Add small potted plants or votives on each table as a wedding favor to your guests.  They will love it!
  • Double-duty arrangements.  Florists are great at using the ceremony bouquets and turning them into centerpieces on the tables.  Twice as much for the same price.

Whatever your budget, there are always ways to make sure your big day is worth it, without having to break the bank and still walking away with an amazing, memorable day.