Flowers by Month

flowers by month

Almost everyone loves flowers.  And often people know more about them than they realize.  Some people recognize them by scent and some recognize them by color.  Others just know everything there is to know about flowers from growing them to caring for them.  And then there are people who don’t really know anything about flowers, but can certainly appreciate their beauty. Regardless of which category you place yourself in,  have you ever stopped and asked, “What are the flowers that are most popular in each month?”

This is a guide to help you know of the particular flowers that are available each month.  Whether you are interested in growing your own for a garden or if you plan on getting married, this is the perfect guide to assist you with your blooms for whatever occasion.  (The following list is just a few flowers by month…typically there are several, but we listed the most popular):

 Flowers by Month

  • January – Ranunculus, assorted Callas, Dahlias, and Roses
  • February – Lilium Stargazer, Delphimium, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Iris
  • March – Freesia, Orchids, Snapdragons
  • April – Tulips and Lisianthus
  • May – Peonies, Cornflower, and Lilium Casablance
  • June – Gerbera and Daffodils
  • July – Zinnias and Calla Green Goddess
  • August – Sunflowers and Pussy Willows
  • September – Hyacinths and Kangaroo Paws
  • October – Stock, Astromeria, and Lily of the Valley
  • November – Calla Lily
  • December – Poppies and Gardenias

So whatever time of the year you decide is best to say “I do,” this guide will help you decide which is the best fit on your perfect day.