Floral Mistakes only Pros can Help you Avoid


Floral Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding is coming. You’re excited, yet overwhelmed with emotions – joy, excitement, anxiety, nerves. You sit down with a florist and set your floral plan. Then your day arrives! However, you walk into the reception room and realize it isn’t even close to what you had in mind. Where are the vast displays of the floral decadence you ordered? Why weren’t they arranged the way you had imagined?

There are several mistakes you can avoid when preparing for your big day. It’s more than just picking the floral arrangement that you’ve always dreamed of, one that wows your guests. There is a preparation that includes your vision, proper planning, and certain considerations that most tend to forget because they are clouded by the BIG DAY – nerves, excitement, joy, anxiety and all those other jittery emotions.  Here are some tips to help make sure your day is as special and your florals reflect the elegance and beauty that you’ve imagined your day would hold.

  • Communicate – Communicate in detail the arrangement you envision.  Between letting your floral stylist envision what you had in mind and us getting to know your personality and taste, we’ll be able to better see your passion, and create the exact picture you imagined.
  • Complementary – Make sure the environment around the room is capable of matching your vision. It must complement the room. If you are in a room with tall ceilings or one that contains a perfect view, would certain floral arrangements obstruct this? Envision the entire picture without forgetting location and placement.
  • Be Open – Your vision is just that, the perfect floralscape of what you see yourself surrounded by on your special day. But be open to the possibilities of change, don’t limit yourself to super-detailed specifics. If a floral stylist has more to work with, the creative possibilities grow that much stronger.
  • Florists First, Not Last – Get with florists early and often. You likely have a budget and don’t want to wait until the last moment to secure a florist. So scouting early and finding what’s comfortable for you will help cement the best arrangement.
  • Diversity Is Key – If you are locked into one specific color, for example, matching the bridesmaids’ dresses, you are selling yourself short, especially in photographs. Use colors that help accent the beauty of association. For example, if the bridesmaids are in turquoise dresses, a bright yellow flower will help accent the colors and make for beautiful pictures.
  • Aroma Is Good For Gardens – Sure, the scent of flowers can be invigorating…but not everyone feels the same way. Be sympathetic to your guests and potential allergies.  Choose flowers that are beautiful in color with little-to-no scent. You never know what kind of reaction your guests will have. Save the scent for outdoor weddings and limit it to your bouquet and the bridal arrangements.
  • Flowers Need Care – Be wary of the flowers you order. Do they require special hydration? Are they temperate? Know your bloom so you can protect them at all costs to keep them from being ruined.
  • Big Isn’t Always Better – Big, elaborate bouquets aren’t always the choice. It should be about you, your dress, and a perfect, beautiful bouquet that accents everything you encompass on your day. Plus you don’t want something that is too heavy and takes too much away from you and your dress.

These tips should help you strategize your florals on your wedding day. Keep in mind most floral styles know these rules and can even add special tricks of the trade to make your flowers extraordinary. But if you’re doing this on your own or not ready to get with a floral stylist, avoiding these floral mistakes will lead to a better, more successful choice in floral arrangements and will help you feel more confident because you took all the necessary steps to help you achieve – and enjoy – your perfect day!