Fall Weddings

fall wedding flowers

Many people love to share in traditions.  Some love to have weddings on certain days, some decide on special occasions, and others enjoy the seasons and choose to have wedding that exemplifies the rich beauty of the changing of the seasons.

Nothing spells seasons more like Fall!

The colors are rich with reds, yellows, oranges, and golds.  The autumn air has a sweet scent wrought with a coolness in the air that lets you know autumn is here.  The weather is crisp, the humidity has gone down and you get a sense of wanting to be outdoors more often to enjoy the cooling phase.

Nothing says traditional romance like fall weddings.

STEP ONE:  Make sure you have the colors that express the season.  Browns and oranges, deep reds, purples and even
dark green and exemplify the coloration that screams out AUTUMN!

STEP TWO:  Décor will ring true to your season.  Signs held up by twigs, blooms that are so rich in color and completely fill the vase, topped with artichokes and grapes to present a distinct harvest.  Different styles and colors of pumpkins help present a strong autumnal presentation, too.

STEP THREE:  Suppose you offered foods that are expressive of the holiday season – pumpkin soup, rockfish cakes on cheddar grits, specialty biscuits.  Desserts include an array of apple pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pies.


These three steps are the basics you need to give the smell, look, and feel that autumn is upon us and you are celebrating the rich tradition of the season, saying your vows, the harvest which is representative of your big day, and reminding everyone why fall is truly a great season.