Don’t Forget to Budget These Unexpected Wedding Costs

wedding costs

Unexpected Wedding Costs

If your big day is upon you, you probably thought everything was going accordingly.  You’ve sat with everyone from cake decorators to caterers to dress fashionistas. You’ve thought about your wedding list, location, bridesmaids, dress, etc. That’s when you begin to notice a trend – the price of your wedding is climbing. Not only is it vastly approaching your budget, at the rate you are heading, you’ll go way over your budget. Why? Hidden costs, that’s why. Here are several hidden costs you must consider when planning a wedding:

Hidden Costs of a Wedding

  • Pick Your Maid – This isn’t something you spring on your Maid of Honor. You want to surprise her by treating her out to a nice dinner. There is a cost associated with this, so look for a place you can afford, a favorite spot, find some specials and deals, and get ready to watch her reaction to your offer, all while not overspending. After this, plus a few bridesmaid lunches and evenings out, it all adds up quickly.
  • Treating Yourself – Several brides are so consumed with planning the big day, they tend to forget about budgeting the costs of beauty… hair, nails, makeup, massage, spray tan, etc. Even if you don’t think you’ll do all of those, people tend to talk you into most of them. Seek out sites like to help find specials and deals that will make your day that much more special… without incurring extra, ridiculous costs.
  • Are You Legal – If you’re getting married, you need to certify it. That’s a cost most tend to overlook. Remember that to make your marriage legal, you’ll need the license and will incur an expense to do so.
  • Paper Galore – How much stationery do you really need to send out? With the advent of social media in this day of technology, consider using it as a source to help save on some of the paper costs you may incur, such as “save-the-date” cards, etc. You’ll have to spend enough on other forms of stationery, such as mailers, menus, and place cards…look for avenues that won’t cost you too much.
  • The Night Before – Staying at a hotel suite? There’s no guarantee that checkout will be enough time to get ready. Preparing ahead of time and securing two nights may be a better bet.
  • Pack Early – With so much going on, you may forget something and have extra costs for replenishment. Pack early so you can prepare well in advance.
  • Alterations— Under garments and accessories can also creep up on you. Make sure you budget early enough to consider the cost of resizing.
  • Unconfirmed Guests – You may have guests that didn’t RSVP and later decide they can go last minute. These are also costs you will have to budget. Even if you doubt it’ll happen, just budget just to be sage.

Most importantly, remember this is a big day. Be smart, have fun, and remember this is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. So long story short—round up, guess higher and then enjoy when your budget it met.