Custom Wedding Invitations


wedding invitation With the popularity of social media and modern technology, it’s become harder to stay true to having personal and genuine conversation. That’s not to say it’s all a bad thing, I love to get Facebook messages from old friends and texts from my grandkids. However, there are circumstances that shouldn’t fall vulnerable to a simple e-mail.

wedding inviteSocial media has made it so easy to get in touch with your high school best friend and your college roommate who took a great job across the country. That’s what makes our generation of technology so fantastic. Although I have to say there is still something so sincere and special to receive simple, yet heartfelt, custom wedding invitations or save the date in the mail. Between the bills piling up and junk mail from your favorite retailers, coming across a beautifully handwritten and thoughtful invitation is exciting!

calligraphy invitationsThe past few wedding season we are seeing more and more brides to be sending out their personal invites via the good ole’ postal system. Granted, it would be quicker to get up an easy Facebook event, but what fun is that? Here are some great examples of people taking full advantage of adding their creativity to their wedding invitations and save the dates.

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