Colors We Love!

colors we love

A large part in choosing the right florals is knowing what colors you want to have. Whether it’s for a wedding, bridal party, corporate party or any other type of organized event, your planning will go much smoother if you have an idea of what colors you like and want to represent the event.

I don’t know if it’s a seasonal thing, some of our brides’ taste rubbing off on us, just personal preference or a mixture of them all, but we are lovin’ some of these summer color trends!

Color Crushes

pink flowersPink

Granted, Pink floral arrangements are almost always a given; however we can’t help but to swoon over the mixture of feminine pastels and flirty fluorescents. Pink has a tendency to add romance and passion. It symbolizes love internationally while still playing down a dramatic effect. I think many people overlook pink because it is thought of as typical or expected at most weddings and bridal showers, but this season it’s showcased a wild side that we haven’t seen in a while. If you’re thinking about blending some pinks for your next gathering, consider using hydrangeas (and Orange Blossom favorite) with scabiosas and some hot pink roses.

green flowersGreen

Although history has shown that many brides try to steer of green, even trying avoid stems and leaves, lately green florals have been popping up everywhere and we are thrilled about it. A green floral arrangement is something only someone who thinks out of the box and highly creative would love. The floral designer would also have to really know what works and what doesn’t in order to create a spectacular bouquet or centerpiece. Florals, and weddings for that matter, that revolve around shades of green reflect harmony and an organic feel. Opt for combining garden roses, succulents, some mint and even a little pussy willow.

yellow flowersYellow

This one must be inspired by summer because we are seeing yellow everywhere this season. The vibrant blend of orange, yellow and gold is inviting and exudes warmth. Day weddings often use a lot of yellow to bring out brightness and sunshine. We’ve noticed some of our brides are stunning their guests with a bold statement: Choosing a chic bloom in a single hue. This is for a super confident bride who wants to display simplicity and elegance. Sunflowers are also a big hit right now and we think it sets itself up as a perfect outdoor centerpiece.

purple flowersPurple

Let’s face it, purple is a great choice for any season. However we have been flooded with requests for purple- from bouquets to centerpieces. Purple hues mix well with other colors, but we think they’re perfect with different shades and shapes of purple. Arrangements that use purple are filled with passion and elegance. Anyway you decide to use this hue, it’s timeless and regal. We use hydrangeas as a wow factor for many of our brides. We also love Orchids, Calla Lilies and Lilacs.