Best Non-floral Centerpieces for a Wedding

Best Non-floral Centerpieces for a Wedding

Would you hesitate or quickly deny an opportunity to present non-floral centerpieces?  Crazy, right? You’re probably sitting there saying to yourself, “Not a chance.”

Think again! Here are some fascinating ideas that could give the same ambience, atmosphere and feeling to the romance behind your wedding other than traditional floral arrangements.

Our Favorite Non-floral Centerpieces

candlesLanterns or candles

Nothing swings a comfortable feel like a bronze tinted lantern with beautiful candles that set the mood at the table. Lanterns provide a different tradition, with many variations, some of which could set an entirely different mood that no one would ever see coming, yet complement the mood of the ceremony.

shellsSeashells and Driftwood

What is more peaceful and romantic than the ocean? A great centerpiece would be a seashell arrangement that invokes the emotions that most people feel when setting along the shoreline of a peaceful ocean setting.

Wine Bottles or Mason Jars

mason jarsWhat’s better than setting a centerpiece with a nice bottle of inexpensive, yet tasty and popular wine? The flower centerpiece may last a few days, but a bottle of wine signifies taste, desire, and a bit of class that is shared by the couple about to experience wedded bliss.

Ornaments and Pinecones

So you want to get married around the holidays? Why not celebrate your commitment with a centerpiece of
ornaments. Not only does it ring the seasonal bell, but also it puts Ornaments and Pineconesthose at the table in a mood relative to the holidays and shows the interest the couple has in their life and love with the tradition of the holiday season. Plus it could be used as a reminder of their symbol of love and expression for many years to come.

Centerpieces don’t always need to include floral arrangements. The creativity of the centerpiece serves as a representation of the couple and their love – hopefully for many years to come.